The ADC Story

In the software world, most innovation is driven by startups. The grocery and convenience sectors are no different. Startups have the capability to be nimble and to easily adapt to changes, quickly. They do not need to worry about the decades worth of legacy technology that is already in place and being used by thousands of customers. Those startup platforms are innovative, and the legacy platforms follow in their footsteps. One thing most innovators often do not have and cannot innovate on is the knowledge that comes with having years of industry experience.

Imagine if a company existed who had that industry maturity yet maintained a startup mentality. Enter ADC.

Over 30 years ago, Applied Data Corporation (ADC) entered the market of fresh item management software, purpose-built for the fresh food operations of grocery and convenience stores. As ADC grew with our customers, so did our platform. Like other platforms of the time, the ADC fresh item management system was originally on-premise software. Then, three years ago we decided to take the business and the platform to the next level, shake things up, and innovate. That meant we had to build a new platform from the ground up. We had to move away from on-premise to a SaaS solution, opening the door for technology-focused food retailers to have on-demand software at their fingertips. The ADC result—FreshIQ.

The FreshIQ platform is an end-to-end fresh item management system that helps retailers optimize their fresh ordering and fresh production, find and reduce food waste, improve inventory freshness and availability, manage food safety, properly label fresh items, and track recipes and cost all in one easy to use system.

As the platform evolves, ADC is committed to innovating the fresh food industry. We are focused on food waste prevention for stores and understanding the relationship between lost sales and food waste. And the FreshIQ platform provides timely data and insights into how customers operate with AI Forecasting for actionable results in store.