Spotlight on Automated Temperature Monitoring

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Convenience and grocery retailers know the importance of food safety. From produce traceability to track outbreaks, grind logs to capture the details of the primals being processed, and temperature monitoring to check and track food temperatures to avoid food contamination and costly food waste, all are key aspects of food safety.

For food retailers, improper food temperatures are often cited as one of the most common food safety violations by the USDA and one of the leading causes of fresh food loss. Proper temperature monitoring can significantly reduce those violations, but that can be a challenge when the process is manual.

That is where FreshIQ’s Temperature Monitoring can help. The platform offers better visibility into retailer’s food safety protocols through automation, rather than manual steps in-store, this is achieved through carefully placed sensors in equipment that requires specific temperature ranges. When temperature ranges are exceeded, users are notified from within the FreshIQ app or via email, bringing attention to issues before they become a problem and result in food loss. The system also digitizes temperature logs by scheduling recurring temperature checks notifying store users to capture temperatures.

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Benefits of FreshIQ Automated Food Temperature Monitoring

  • Reduce Labor – Store users no longer need to manually check equipment or manually record temperatures in a logbook, resulting in better use of time and labor, such as serving your customers.
  • Gain Visibility –Equipment is monitored and recorded 24/7. When temperatures fall out of range, users are alerted via their FreshIQ app or email.
  • Enhance Food Safety – Ensure food is kept within the acceptable range. In the event of an issue, store users will be able to quickly react, limiting the loss of product and leading to unnecessary waste.

Learn more about how FreshIQ’s automated Temperature Monitoring can offer you visibility into store safety protocols. Request a demo today!