Spotlight on Production Planning

Production planning is a key aspect to any food retailers’ operations. When dealing with the complexities of perishable items and prepared foods, accurate and effective production planning and scheduling are crucial to delivering the right amount of product at the right time, reducing unnecessary waste, and keeping costs low. Historically, in foodservice, production planning has been paper based which could lead to errors. This is why it is critical to have production planning software in place to take the guesswork out of the process while providing data to make the best decisions possible.

ADC’s production planning solution does all that, and more.

Within the ADC FreshIQ platform, fresh food departments have a better understanding of what and how much fresh product should be available throughout the day so that they can generate daily production schedules based on accurate demand forecasting and on-hand inventory. The platform allows grocery and convenience retailers to schedule, manage, and track the production of fresh foods throughout their stores or commissaries, granting them visibility into all fresh food departments. Data from previous production schedules can be combined with external data (e.g. events and holidays) to help guide future business decisions for forecasting lead time, developing an accurate purchasing schedule, and potentially increasing profit margins.

FreshIQ’s Production Planning allows retailers to:

  • Track and forecast daily fresh food sales
  • Manage preparation and production tasks based off historical data and current demand
  • Access company-wide visibility of in store decisions
  • Gather and consolidate store orders for commissary production
  • Reduce markdowns and shrink

Production Planning is just one of the many pieces of ADC’s fresh item management platform, FreshIQ®, that helps improve the profitability and efficiency of retailers’ fresh foods operations.

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About the Author


Pete Caito has worked in Fresh Item Management (FIM) for 15 years.  He is the Senior Vice President of Product at Applied Data Corporation.  As part of FIM, Pete has worked to support the transition to SaaS to better serve the Grocery/Convenience Industries by supporting the development of FreshIQ, the next-gen platform for FIM.