Spotlight on Made to Order

As fresh food retailers in the grocery and convenience store industries have tried to compete for their share of the foodservice pie, many have innovated their offerings to keep up with shopper demands, especially demand created by Millennial shoppers. One such demand is that for customization or Made to Order food options. Made to Order (MTO) has led to new growth for many food retailers. In fact, according to a 2020 Progressive Grocer article, MTO is one of the fastest-growing aisles for food retailers and MTO items represent up to 15% of sales with the highest margins. From Made to Order hot breakfasts to subs and sandwiches to poke and sushi, whatever the options might be, MTO has given grocery and convenience stores the opportunity to grow sales and differentiate their business from the competition.

Despite the opportunity, there are certainly challenges that come with MTO. Often the process is manual with little to no record created, making order visibility difficult. Another challenge with Made to Order is that ingredient inventory and replenishment are often not accounted for, leading to potential production issues when inventory is not available.

With ADC’s latest FreshIQ® release, we have focused on these Made to Order challenges by offering a turnkey solution that utilizes technology to innovate the MTO process. With FreshIQ, MTO counters can quickly take a customer’s order or integrate with 3rd party systems such as retailer apps, Instacart, Shipt, etc., seamlessly fitting into store workflows and providing near real-time inventory of ingredients.

Benefits of ADC’s Made to Order solution:

  • Digitally record customer orders, view open orders and order statuses, and view completed orders
  • Provide visibility to identify potential issues prior to production
  • Quickly identify top selling products, bottom selling items, and consumer customizations
  • Ensure product was sold or wasted at the expected time
  • Generate compliant nutrition labels

ADC’s FreshIQ is a game-changer for Made to Order solutions available for grocery and convenience. See all the MTO innovations in our latest FreshIQ release. Request a demo today.

About the Author


Pete Caito has worked in Fresh Item Management (FIM) for 15 years.  He is the Senior Vice President of Product at Applied Data Corporation.  As part of FIM, Pete has worked to support the transition to SaaS to better serve the Grocery/Convenience Industries by supporting the development of FreshIQ, the next-gen platform for FIM.