FreshIQ Spotlight on Label Designer

Labeling Fresh Food can be a challenge for many retailers. Government requirements for labeling food products are frequently changing and requiring different data to stay in compliance, and consumers are demanding more information about the products they are buying (for example the USDA's National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard will become mandatory on January 1, 2022, and require U.S. retailers to properly label all bioengineered food and ingredients and in the U.K., Natasha's law will require full allergen ingredients labeling come October 2021). For many retailers, making label changes to fit new regulations and demand are not always easy and can be costly with traditional scales and labeling devices—that is, until now.

ADC’s FreshIQ® is changing how grocery and convenience stores manage fresh food labeling. With the latest release of FreshIQ’s Label Designer, retailers have the ability to quickly and easily design their own label layouts, build templates that can be used on multiple labels, design labels in color, and add multiple graphics such as a company logo to convey product information more efficiently to shoppers. These formats can vary across PLU using a label schema that allows retailers to set conditions to apply to specific brands, allowing your brand to stand out, all while maintaining regulatory requirements.

FreshIQ’s Label Designer Benefits:

  1. Create labels quickly with a library of up-to-date regulatory fields. As regulations change or get added, you will be able to instantly update your labels with the latest nutritional requirements.
  2. Reduce the cost of 3rd party vendors designing labels and make labels available for use on any certified printer with no costly store visits or managed firmware label downloads.
  3. Attract shoppers by using images along with colored text to uniquely promote your brand.

Learn more about food labeling in the ADC white paper A Guide to Food Labeling and Transparency or request a demo to see the FreshIQ Label Designer in action.

About the Author


Pete Caito has worked in Fresh Item Management (FIM) for 15 years.  He is the Senior Vice President of Product at Applied Data Corporation.  As part of FIM, Pete has worked to support the transition to SaaS to better serve the Grocery/Convenience Industries by supporting the development of FreshIQ, the next-gen platform for FIM.