Spotlight on eCommerce Fulfillment

Online grocery shopping has been around for years, but before the COVID pandemic, it only represented a small percent of grocery sales. When COVID hit, things changed almost overnight. As online shopping numbers soared to new heights, many food retailers were not necessarily prepared to scale to meet the new online demand, and they were faced with limited in-store fulfillment capabilities and limited curbside and delivery options. Many turned to marketplace services as a quick fix, but as things settle, retailers need to evaluate how best to proceed with their online offerings to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Enter ADC’s best-in-class eCommerce fulfillment platform, ShopperKit.

ShopperKit offers in-store order Fulfillment that empowers food retailers to own their online experience, enhancing customer and brand loyalty by giving retailers the tools they need to pick, pack, and prepare all orders in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Whether a store utilizes a last-mile delivery service or handles everything in-house, ShopperKit helps solve for the fulfillment challenges that often make scaling difficult as demand grows. The platform gives retailers visibility into orders across the enterprise to see how well they are managing their demand, so that they can continue to meet the expectations of their customers.

ShopperKit allows store employees to offer a more personalized experience. The platform offers two-way communication between store employees and customers, and ShopperKit Smart Substitutions personalize product recommendations for upsells and substitutions that can be communicated to shoppers during pick, allowing the customer to feel more involved in the experience so that there are no surprises when their order arrives. Ultimately, allowing stores to create a positive experience between the customer and brand.

The ShopperKit platform provides:

  • Optimized pick paths
  • Multi-order and zone picking
  • In-store communications & shopper hints
  • Visibility into all orders across the enterprise
  • And So much more…

See if a Fulfillment Platform is Right for Your Business

ShopperKit helps food retailers successfully operate online by increasing profitability, reducing labor costs, and increasing the average basket size. Learn more about eCommerce fulfillment with ADC’s ShopperKit.