Spotlight on Inventory Management


The fresh perimeter is difficult to manage. Fresh Food has a short shelf-life and spoils faster than center store items. Yet, tracking fresh food inventory is often a manual process that may or may not be recorded.

Having a full view of the inventory in your stores is vital to business success. Low visibility into perpetual inventory leads to overproduction, over-ordering, or even out of stock situations. That is where an inventory and waste management system like ADC’s FreshIQ® comes into play. Inventory management software makes it easier to forecast replenishment to help reduce excess inventory and reduce waste created from perishable items going bad before they are bought.

The FreshIQ platform allows food retailers to gain the visibility needed to reduce inventory losses, enhance food safety, and improve margins with real-time reporting of physical and perpetual inventories along with in-store traceability. From the time it reaches your backroom to the time it’s sold; you can count on ADC’s Inventory & Waste Management solutions to help increase your sales margins while reducing food waste.

Key Features of FreshIQ Inventory & Waste Management:

Inventory Management- Manage backroom, saleable, and work-in-progress inventory

  • Physical Inventory: Scan and count physical inventory
  • Perpetual Inventory: Access real-time perpetual inventory cycle counts
  • Financial Inventory: Know your total retail value within your stores by recurring scheduled counts
  • Layered Inventory: Have more visibility into what is on the shelf and know exactly when products are going to expire

Shrink Management

  • Understand yield out of primal
  • Manage reworked sales floor items to prepared foods
  • Seamlessly push and implement price markdowns
  • Quickly gain visibility into unknown loss through Fresh Insights

Waste Management

  • Scan and track donated and discarded items
  • See the total number of items lost

ADC’s FreshIQ Inventory & Waste Management platform provides real-time tracking and analytics of on-hand, transferred, and discarded fresh food items and ingredients to manage your fresh food inventory more efficiently.

Learn more about how FreshIQ’s Inventory & Waste Management can offer you visibility into your fresh perimeter. Request a demo today!