Fresh Food & Produce Traceability Software

How the Right Technology Can Help Retailers with Grind and Produce Traceability

Food Traceability Software

According to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, there were 124 total food recalls over the last report year (2019), and approximately 1 in 6 Americans become sick from contaminated food each year.

Consumers place a lot of faith in the retailers selling them food. They trust that their food is safe, and if the worst happens and there is an outbreak, they expect the problem to be remedied quickly. That can be easier said than done from the retailer’s perspective especially if the retailer doesn’t have the proper technology in place to manage food traceability.

Food traceability software allows food retailers to access information about the origin, processing, and storage of food to help minimize and mitigate any outbreaks and contamination. It helps keep food safe through the identification of products and assists in initiating any needed recalls that may arise, preventing contaminated food from hitting the shelf.

ADC’s FreshIQ® platform provides food retailers with the grind and produce traceability needed to gain real-time visibility of items entering their stores so that they can quickly identifying the source of their products and which batches they belong to (and if they’ve been used in a now contaminated product) preventing and mitigating recalls and outbreaks across their locations.

FreshIQ’s Food Traceability:

  • Ensures FDA and EU traceability regulations are met, avoiding huge regulatory fines and fees.

  • Provides real-time data to determine when contaminations may have occurred, identifying problematic vendors and suppliers.
    • Helps pinpoint and specify the exact items and contents involved in a recall.
    • Traces outbreaks for both produce and meat items.
  • Creates easy-to-use reporting that gives retailers the ability to track the contaminated items back to the originating source, mitigating risk and reducing financial losses. 

Grind Traceability Software

Grind Traceability Software

Over one-third of all food recalls come from contaminated beef-based food products, that is why Grind Traceability is so important for food retailers to properly track via the right technology.

Key elements to ADC’s Grind Traceability include:

  • Captures origin details of primals as they are processed.
  • Attaches retail items being produced.
  • Ensures local regulation compliance.
  • Scans primals processed in the meat department.
  • Captures trim in grind process.
  • Transforms meat into grind.

Produce Traceability Software

Produce Traceability Software

Though produce traceability is relatively new compared to grind traceability, fruits and vegetables are just as susceptible to contamination as raw meat and need proper traceability.

Key elements to ADC’s Produce Traceability Software  include:

  • Captures origin details of produce as it is processed.
  • Attaches retail items being produced.
  • Scans and records data with an in-store mobile app.
  • Notifies all stores of recalls and outbreaks.

The FDA is always evaluating and updating traceability regulations, most recently, they have been evaluating the proposed new rule known as the “Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods” (Food Traceability Proposed Rule). With ADC’s Produce Traceability Software, retailers can be ready for current and future regulations.

Learn more about food traceability in the ADC white paper, The Growing Retail Case for Food Traceability.