Employee Spotlight | Sarah Montgomery



This month, meet Sarah Leffew Montgomery, a Convenience Store News 2020 Top Women In Convenience Rising Star honoree. For the past two years, Sarah has worked as a Sales Director here at ADC. She focuses on strategic accounts and convenience stores, who are evaluating ADC as a fit for their organization. Sarah works with retailers to learn about their operations and challenges to build a blueprint on how ADC can help them accomplish their goals.

Why Do You work at ADC?
I work at ADC because I have a passion for food, and I HATE food waste! Being a part of ADC and helping retailers is rewarding for me because I feel like I am making a real difference in the world. Not only do we help retailers control their food waste, but more importantly we directly help their business grow and become more profitable. I sleep well at night knowing ADC does what we say we will when it comes to bringing our clients’ results.

What is the Most Important Thing You’ve Learned at ADC?
One of the most important things I have learned at ADC is how important communication is. As a remote employee, I am constantly working on effective communication.

Another key learning is how much fresh food retailers are wasting. It is shocking to be in a kitchen and see the amount of food that goes into garbage cans. This is another reason I am so passionate about what we do. Our software helps reduce the amount of food that goes to the landfill while also increasing sales!

How Are You Hoping to Make an Impact with Our Clients?
One of the most important challenges my customers are facing is operational execution. I hope to onboard new clients who need help with their fresh food operations to create a more profitable business and streamlined processes that benefit their front-line employees. ADC’s innovative FreshIQ® platform makes it easy to do just that, and our mantra is “adoption is the new ROI”. We are focused on having the easiest to use tool in the industry, and ease of use/high adoption directly equates to higher ROIs.

Which Fresh Item Do You Have the Biggest Appetite For?
I enjoy healthy premade meals that can easily feed my husband and me! I am all about making meals healthier and more convenient. I also have a sweet tooth…cheesecake is probably my all-time favorite!

If you want to learn more about Sarah or ask her any questions about the innovations ADC is making in the fresh food space, connect with her on LinkedIn!

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