Employee Spotlight | Michael Colella



This month meet Michael N. Colella. Michael joined ADC in 2020 as our Chief Data Scientist where he has been an integral part of the FreshIQ® Explainable AI forecasting engine. Michael holds various degrees and certifications from the University of Chicago, MIT, DePaul and Northwestern. He is leading the ADC university collaboration with the University of Chicago’s graduate program in data science with students on their Machine Learning and Deep Learning theses/capstones.

Why Do You work at ADC?
I love to build things, especially ML and AI systems and predictive models to solve real-world business problems. Professionally, my background was foundationally in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience and statistics. I made my way into big data, data science, and AI as advancements were made in computing, and I fell in love with it. I am creative at heart, and ADC allows me to leverage that creativity.

What is the Most Important Thing You’ve Learned at ADC?
While many other industries are struggling, traditional retailers are open. Companies willing to embrace change, innovate rapidly, and keep an open mind will continue to win. Technology that leverages data science and the latest and greatest is a competitive advantage for these retailers.

Data Science and IT are much more than cost centers in 2020 and beyond — they are now critical innovation hubs, worth serious attention and investment.

How Are You Hoping to Make an Impact with Our Clients?
I hope to empower retailers to find the signal in the noise as it relates to teasing out the insights from their vast amounts of data, especially given the rapidly changing retail landscape week-over-week during COVID.

My goal is to bring the latest methods and algorithms to the table to help ADC customers better serve their customers, reduce food waste, and increase sales.

Which Fresh Item Do You Have the Biggest Appetite For?
I have always been a vegetable guy. My Italian/European roots spawned a love for Rapini (Broccoli Rabe), which I hold very dear. Buon appetite!

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