Employee Spotlight | Jesus Mathus


This month meet Jose de Jesus Mathus Thome, or as we know him, Jesus Mathus. Jesus has been with ADC since 2019 where he is responsible for all professional service functions including the Implementation, Customer Success Engineering, and Project Management teams. Jesus has been a thought-leader and grocery industry influencer for most of his career. Before joining the ADC team, Mathus was the Chief Information and Supply Chain Officer for Cardenas Markets, a grocery chain based in Southern California. At Cardenas, Mathus was responsible for setting the IT strategy to transform its technology platform as well as the supply chain growth plan to support the business as the company expanded its national footprint. Before his time at Cardenas, Mathus was the Chief Information Officer for Bodega Latina Corp (dba El Super) where he led the transformation of the company's technological platform to improve overall profitability and market share.

Why Do You work at ADC?
In my former life as a grocery exec, I met with ADC many times through the years and was aware of their products, but when I learned about ADC’s CEO, Shamus Hines’ vision and plans for the company, I thought it was a great opportunity to join a company that has a phenomenal opportunity to grow and succeed in this challenging market. I love the idea of been part of this wonderful success story!

What is the Most Important Thing You’ve Learned at ADC?
Perhaps the most important thing is understanding our customers’ needs, so we can translate them to the appropriate recommendations on how to use our products. One of my responsibilities is to develop a framework of methods and tools to facilitate the execution of our projects and staffing the right team to get the job done. In doing so, my goal is to ensure the appropriate level of service to keep our customers happy.

What are the biggest trends or changes you have seen in the industry since you started working at ADC?
Oh boy! Where can we start! COVID is transforming our market dramatically. The growth of online grocery sales that was expected over a 10-year timeframe happened in 6 months. The landscape of service and software providers in this area is changing rapidly, with service companies like Instacart buying software specialists like UNATA and many other examples like that. The market is changing at a speed never seen before.

What do you feel is the most important challenge facing your customers?
Overall, food retailers must adapt to this “new normal”. They need to change their assortment to offer new products and solutions customers are looking for to eat at home (ready-to-cook, ready-to-heat, ready-to-eat, grab-and-go, etc.), but also change their configuration and processes to be able to compete efficiently by having a large portion of their sales placed online. It is a major undertaking that will change the landscape of winners and losers.

Which Fresh Item Do You Have the Biggest Appetite For?
Ha! I eat everything and have a good appetite, but if I must choose just one, I will choose some good Mexican carnitas tacos!

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