Employee Spotlight | Erin Farissier

Erin F

In this month’s Employee Spotlight, meet Erin Farissier. Erin has been an integral part of the ADC team over the last 10 years. Starting as a Helpdesk Analyst, Erin now is the Manager of ADC’s Support Team. She strives to provide exceptional customer support for our client base.

What are the biggest trends or changes you have seen in the industry since you started working at ADC?

Prior to ADC, I never thought about Fresh Item Management (FIM) software. It never occurred to me how prices were updated or how the Baker knew how many loaves of fresh bread to make. Wow has my understanding changed.

With the current state of the world today, our company could not be better positioned to meet our clients changing needs. From our FIM offerings to our newest addition of In-Store eGrocery Fulfillment, what a well-rounded product we offer! An exciting time indeed!

What do you feel is the most important challenge facing your customers?

The last year has forced the grocery industry to rethink how they stay on top of new trends. Finding innovative ways to stay relevant, to continually offer their customers the best possible experience in a changing world has certainly been the most important challenge facing our customers.

How are you hoping to make an impact with our clients?

An important way to make an impact is by becoming a great listener. Pay attention to what people say. Listen to understand, focus, and expand the dialog to fully comprehend the client's need and how we as a company can assist.

My goal continues to be to provide outstanding support, product training, and guidance to my team and customers alike.

Which Fresh Item Do You Have the Biggest Appetite For?

Desserts – Tiramisu is my all-time favorite. I may not be Italian, but apparently, my taste buds are!

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