Date Check Pro: A Deep Dive

Outdated expiration date tracking systems involve manual logs or spreadsheets and often depend on employees to keep track of—and actually perform—random spot checks and shelf rotations. Bottom line: Traditional systems are inefficient and create more loss than they save. 

That’s where we come in.

You know that Date Check Pro saves retailers an average 171% ROI and sees a 44-69% reduction in expired shrink in those same stores.  But do you know the ins and outs of our software? How it works on a day-to-day basis? 

Whether you’ve been following along with DCP for a while now or just found us through our acquisition by Applied Data Corporation, you may be interested in exploring the nitty-gritty of Date Check Pro as an expiration date management solution

Let’s dive in together.

The Basics: Date Checking

A primary function of any expiration date management software is identifying close-dated products in the store and selling them before they expire. Date Check Pro fulfills this function with a user-friendly, intuitive application. Simple Yes/No prompts guide a user through each step of the date-checking process. System notifications are broken down by aisle, section, and shelf, and product images allow easy identification of the right item, quickly.

The DCP workflow offers a laser-focus on inventory expiring soon rather than relying upon random spot checks that may or may not result in actual rotation. In the case of close-dated products, DCP software calculates the most profitable action based on store and SKU specific sales history: Markdown item or rotate to the front of the shelf. In the case of coupon-based markdown, the app prompts the correct coupon amount to be applied. If a product has already expired, the user is prompted to remove the product—ensuring that it doesn’t end up in a customer’s cart. 

Leverage Expired Shrink Data Into Action: Reporting

Another key aspect of Date Check Pro is the ability to view performance data right in the application. The DCP dashboard offers a view of store savings, ROI, labor hour usage, pace of user, Top 5 expired items in-store, and much more. It ranks expired losses by comparing net expired shrink to sales ratios per SKU—letting the retailer make informed decisions on what product may need reduced shelf capacity or discontinuation. High risk products—$50 projected loss or greater—are identified in a timely manner and outlined in daily emails to store management.

Other highlights of DCP’s reporting include individual user performance tracking, projected weekly labor hours estimated, tax dedication itemization per donated expired item, and weekly scorecards rating store performance and providing additional KPIs. DCP reporting capabilities help turn expired shrink data into long-term savings and loss prevention milestones while informing and simplifying key decisions like product assortment and shelf capacity.

Save On Labor: Full Service Date Check Pro

If a retailer’s available labor is limited, the daily work of Date Check Pro can be covered through full service. Our representatives specialize in checking dates: The average DCP rep works 45% quicker than typical store staff, offsetting higher hourly costs. Reliable, quality-ensured DCP program execution means consistent results, even over holidays and peak grocery periods—resulting in even higher shrink savings for the retailer. And letting us handle the workload doesn’t harm the bottom line: Full-service stores share the same average 171% ROI as self-managed stores. 

Incorporating DCP into the Retail Ecosystem: Integration

Integrating Date Check Pro into pre-existing store ops is simple: Minimal IT resources are required to launch the software, and FTP feeds get the job done quickly. Updating DCP daily or weekly with new and discontinued items ensures a store’s entire inventory is tracked both in the moment and long-term. Similarly, keeping DCP up to date on specific metrics used to guide smart markdowns and shrink reporting (unit cost, retail price, and item location changes (if available)) allows the software to function at its highest capacity. 

Beyond all this: Adept DCP team members work tirelessly to ensure solution implementation goes smoothly and operates at full-efficiency throughout a retail partnership. 

Focus on Sustainability: Stop Waste Together

The value at the heart of Date Check Pro is sustainability. Every year, the U.S. wastes 160 billion pounds of food. Partnership with DCP means retailers working to minimize what part of this waste happens in the grocery store aisle.

Stop Waste Together is a nonprofit affiliate of Date Check Pro. The program provides retailers with easily customized window, doorway, POS, and free-standing banner signs to educate shoppers on retailer participation. Materials also include two-layer, full color, tamper-proof coupons for discounted products—top layer displays discount amount and peels off to reveal UPC—as well as attention-grabbing aisle invaders to point shoppers toward sale items. 

With Stop Waste Together, consumers save money, retailers avoid needless expired shrink, and waste is mutually prevented, creating sustainable practices in and out of the aisle. All proceeds from Stop Waste Together are donated to non-profit initiatives such as food banks and backpack programs that provide weekend meals to kids in need.

Don’t Stop Here: Explore End-to-End Retail Visibility

Now that we’ve dug into Date Check Pro as an expiration date management software that can

help retailers grow sales, cut costs, and improve operational efficiencies, keep going: Explore how the full suite of solutions from Applied Data Corporation optimize full-store operations with smart ordering, production, and fulfillment solutions FreshIQ and ShopperKit.


ADC’s FreshIQ platform gives you end-to-end visibility into your fresh inventory with user-friendly products that will help you grow sales, cut costs, and improve operational efficiencies.

  • Optimize store efficiencies through real-time analytics
  • Increase revenue by managing production and ordering strategies
  • Maintain product safety through end-to-end food traceability
  • Reduce waste with inventory and shrink tracking


ShopperKit enables online order fulfillment from retailer’s physical stores as well as “hub & spoke” enabled fulfillment via dark stores, warehouses, & MFC’s. Out of the box integrations with Geolocation & Gig Economy technologies provide complete coverage for curbside pickup & last mile delivery.

  • Reduce costs with optimized pick paths and order strategies
  • Increase basket size through real-time item additions
  • Extend grocer’s brand through online shopping experience